Letter to my clients

re: Covid Protocols

 I offer both distance and on-site healing sessions.

 During Covid, the following on-site protocols support our mutual health.


Some of you might find these procedures to be over-the-top,

while others will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that

I am doing everything I can to ensure everyone's comfort.


I work with many seniors and immune-compromised populations

and am committed to their welfare.  My intention is to offer a welcoming space

that encourages everyone to safely rest in their deepest depths of inner peace.  


The following are guidelines set forth by WorkSafe BC,  BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC),

the Provincial Health Office (PHO), my insurance provider

and professional associations to which I belong.


Here is a link to the WorkSafe Health Services page, with many drop-down menus in the text.





I am working at my permanent office in Fairfield. 

Address is provided upon booking.  

On-site sessions last 90 minutes.



I will email you a Waiver by the night before your session, for you to fill it out the DAY OF your session.

 You can either print it out and fill it in, having it ready to give me when you arrive,

or, you can also fill out a copy I give you on the porch before entering.  Thanks!




 Upon arriving please sanitize your hands.




We will both wear well-fitting 3-ply (or more) masks for the duration of our time together.

I have a selection of 3 and 4-ply masks here for your use.

as well as tape to create a seal at the bridge of the nose.


* Variants are easily spread especially via aerosols.  Experts are recommending two masks now to ensure a tight seal.




I will have changed my clothes immediately before you arrive.  

Please arrive wearing clean clothes and save your out-in-the-world chores for after our session.

 If this request is impractical, just bring a top and bottom change of clean clothes and socks (no bare feet). 

Leave any coats, bags etc, in your car if possible.

Hooks and hangers at the front door can also be used to store your things.




If you are coming in Summer,  bring an extra pair of CLEAN SOCKS to wear, or I can supply a pristine pair for you to borrow.




 If you desire a long therapeutic conversation where we attune to energies,

emotions and situations present in your life or history,

consider trying a Virtual session, which always includes a lie-down period of time

 just the same as if you were here.

We can also dialogue in my healing room, but we will be wearing masks.


 During your time on the table, 

 I will do my best to facilitate therapeutic dialogue as feels right in the moment.

I may work off-body or from a distance at times, especially when my face is near your chest.


Pharmasave is currently selling a version of KN95's, if they happen to fit your face, for up-close times

where a firmer seal is appreciated.  It's up to you.  That's what I wear.

 During table work, I will not breath in the direction of your body and  

I will also be using 2 Air Purifiers with HEPA filters in my 13’x13’ room.



Please use the cleaning agents supplied and I will also clean after you leave.




Same day E-transfer is preferred using my address: jewel@uniserve.com  

although cash and cheque are also okay, especially if prepared in advance.




Please cancel for health reasons at any time

and I too will be paying attention to my health and local advisements.




I've been offering Distance sessions since 1996.  

In my original training in Esoteric Healing, we were taught to work exclusively 'hands-off'

for a minimum of one year, in order to develop our intuitive abilities.

I enjoy working remotely.  My awareness is heightened and enters easily into

subtle energetic fields, matrixes and all systems of the body-mind-spirit,

including etheric craniosacral and neurological domains.  

Sessions are very similar to hands-on.


Some clients say they find virtual sessions more powerful than hands-on.  

I understand because I remember how revolutionary they were for me when I was a client and student.  

They empowered me in my relationship with the inner riches of my mind, body and spirit

in ways that hands-on did not to the same extent.  


So, if you feel put off by all these new temporary rules,  

or if you would  simply rather stay at home through these times,

please consider trying a virtual session via:  

FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger,

or even a good old telephone.  




Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.  

So far, this is a fascinating era to experience and I am grateful for the amazing work we do together.  

It’s been a surprisingly enriching, powerful time for me.


with greatest Love,


Julia Day CST.D, CAEH.T, MMS

CranioSacral & Body-Mind Therapies

in Fairfield, Victoria BC



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