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Thank You for your interest in booking a session.
As of January 2020,  I AM able to see new clients!
Thank you for your patience while we sort out a time using email or text.
I like to book a 90-minute session the first time,
for a cost of $ 170  including tax  (2020)
with a sliding scale down to $153.
After that, sessions maybe 60, 75, 90 minutes,
or 2 hours in length, at a rate of $ 113 per hour. 
Most people choose 90 minutes.
My address near Fairfield, Victoria, is supplied upon booking.
Please wear comfy clothes and no perfumes nor artificial fragrances. 
Payment by cash, cheque or e-transfer, but no VISA or MC.
My favourite way to hear from you for booking is via EMAIL at
I also work well with texts at  250.370.1380
And I enjoy offering SKYPE sessions long distance if we have already met.
Old clients are always welcome,
although sometimes, when it's busy, there maybe a wait.
In Summer 2019, I will also be offering sessions
at my pretty Cortes Island outdoor healing studio under the trees.
Information on my practice is scattered throughout this site,
especially on the Esoteric Healing/Embodiment
or CranioSacral Therapy pages 
or, my older websites?
www,OnenessInOneness.org  (2015)