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A Course in Miracles 

Mentoring with Jewel

My Story
I've had a natural rapport with non-dual spiritual awareness all my life. 
From about age 10 to 14,
spontaneous mystical journeys with an inner wisdom Teacher
began occurring on a semi-regular basis.
 These experiences instilled an abiding faith within that helped me trust a larger picture,
wildly different from how things seemed to be on Earth.
I knew 'who' we were, our greater reality as wholly loving,
non-physical, expanded wisdom, light and spiritual Presence.
 I learned to disregard and overlook how people acted;
hurting themselves and each other by thinking they were merely their bodies,
 stuck in time and space with something to defend.
In my twenties and early thirties, the Love and warmth I felt whenever I listened within, 
helped me know I was a seemingly small but significant helper in the world,
and that nothing 'out there' was really as it appeared in my perception.
I only had to follow the wise and gentle Presence guiding 
from inside my mind;
Loving me, and everyone around me, unconditionally.
I studied Gestalt, Freudian and Jungian psychology,
combined with dance, mysticism and Eastern spiritual practices, 
 hoping to merge what I knew inside with how things 'seemed' to be on the outside.
Like all of us, I also had a library of lifetimes of unresolved beliefs and
punishing emotional traumas weighing heavy on my body/mind.
In 1996, I was in my late 30's, at a spiritual training at the Omega Institute in NY state.
 To my shock and amazement, as I was a devoted Buddhist at the time,
I experienced an indescribably potent joining in Light
and met my Inner Teacher for the first time face-to-face. 
It turned out, all these years, it had been Jesus (Yeshua).
I was surprised because, except for poetry and lyrics, I didn't really even believe in him, and 
apart from stained glass and music, I had never felt drawn towards
even the most liberal forms of Christianity.
Yet such unfathomable Love and Light
now filled my entire consciousness, I was literally 'born anew'.
Afterwards, my perspective on universal Love matured in every way possible
through the mystical healings, purification, initiations and deeper non-dual instruction that followed.
Over the next nine years,
I continued to study, and later teach, at some wonderful advanced esoteric healing schools. 
I also had a private healing practice, where I 'embodied',
more and more deeply, the Awareness, through myself and others, 
of the non-dual Truth of who we really are as perfect Love and oneness.
It was not until 2005, that I realized my inner Guru was the same Voice 
who had dictated, over seven years, the extremely comprehensive, wholly enlightening,
psycho-spiritual 1,333 page manuscript, A Course in Miracles.
Initially, the language of the Course felt challenging...
I was used to simpler Zen-like vocabulary and ACIM sounded weirdly religious (giggle).
I was wrong, but it took a while to learn to appreciate 
the 'pure non-dual' definitions of seemingly biblical words,
rather than my misinterpretations based on lifetimes of egoic conditioning.
Reading Gary Renard's books, especially The Disappearance of the Universe,
and numerous ACIM books by Dr Kenneth Wapnick,
provided extremely helpful adjuncts to my understanding of the uniqueness
of what the Course was saying.
In 2007, I 'came out' as an ACIM group leader. 
In 2009, I was asked to be a Course community radio host for a year.
From 2009 to 2019, I invited a series of favourite Course teachers to visit my small city
for seminars, satsangs and workshops and I've also travelled to learn from teachers and students afar.
 Gratefully, I've also had the privilege to mentor the same weekly Friday group
of 'mighty companions' since January 2010, as well as other groups along the way.
We have joined deeply within and externally as 'Oneness in Oneness in Oneness in Oneness'
through dozens of extended retreats dedicated to our deepest healing and Awakening.
I've also been a personal mentor, always guided by the living Wisdom within,
in private healing sessions, since 1997.
 A Course In Miracles 
is a metaphysical, holographic masterpiece. 
Often compared with the Hindu Vedanta
< because all awakening ultimately arrives at the direct
and sustained knowing of our pure Oneness >
 ACIM differs in it's methodology by adding a quantum forgiveness practice 
 that speedily undoes our hallucinating ego,
altering how we view, think and respond to human life.
Forgiveness is taught as a choice for total non-judgment,
unconditional Love and absolute equality.
It makes sense to think this way in context with
the liberating logic of Course metaphysics
and how we came to believe we are here,
dreaming we are experiencing duality in the first place.
It teaches that my perception of the world, 
  including my body, brain, timelines and narratives,
are but projected symbols of inner beliefs hidden within
my vast, but seemingly divided, collective unconscious mind.
The images, sights and sounds that I perceive 'out there'
have been projected from a 'mind-blowing' creation story that you and I as one,
dreamed we made before the beginning of time and space 'in here'.
Yes wild, and difficult to explain in a sentence or two,
but once you get it, you become so happy, as a giant weight is lifted
and deep inside you feel the return of primal absolute freedom, joy and innocence.
This liberating perspective softens and dissolves the hypnotic hold
the world (as an illusion of seeming opposites to Love) has on us,
 every time we choose to bless and forgive, instead of condemn.
Love holds no grievances ~ ACIM
Any judgment that I indulge about myself, or others, 
keeps my awareness blocked from knowing our true Reality 
and our Source who created us as One;
 whole, holy, pure, perfect extension of infinite Oneness, love, light and joy.
The utter perfection of Who and What we really Are 
cannot be described in words,
but as we experience the results of our personal choice for Love,
we release our fixation on the projected world of opposites;
  or what Buddhists call the 'wheel of suffering'.
 'Miracles fall like drops of healing rain'
because we are not, and never have been, diminished, alone, abandoned, dead,
nor guilty of any of the things we dream we've done in this and every other lifetime.
We awaken gracefully and naturally each time we choose to think with, and like,
instead of apart, and different from, our Source and True Self, which is Perfect Love.
Like everyone, my experience of the Course is highly personal and individualized,
but leads to a universal experience of awakening.
Because of my Buddhist, dance, craniosacral and esoteric healing background,
my style of ACIM mentoring often combines pure uncompromising Course teachings
with a grounded, HS-guided awareness practice
within the projected matrix of our seeming subtle anatomy.
This orientation helps us learn to rest our inner Awareness
in the center of verticality behind our dreaming body/mind.
This aids in the direct realization of our identity 
as wholly infinite Light, Love, Oneness and 'no-body'.
In mentoring sessions, whether conversing with another, or in silence, 
I simply bless and follow Guidance as it opens in the moment;
while you, sovereign in your own direct experience,
learn to consciously trust the expansive Wholeness as it is shown to you within.
You become witness to the Light of your own journey and choices,
guided by your Inner Teacher, your own true Self, and your immortal and divine reality in Spirit.  
From this rich, infinite wellspring of incorruptible Presence,
miracles are the natural result of our change of mind.
Giving and receiving are recognized as the same One thing and
Universal Love is revealed through all perception; past, present and future.
And all of us become invariably calm, patient, tuned in,
trusting, inspired, good-natured, genuinely happy,
peaceful, joyous, neutral and unafraid
because this is simply who we Are. 
Each of us and everyone we know, 
are whole and innocent, pure and perfect,
no matter what mistakes we dream we've seemingly made
or have been made towards us.
 Oneness is the simple miracle the Course encourages us to choose 
in place of grievances, guilt, punishment, fear and the temptation
to believe that we are lost in individual stories of separation.
Life still plays itself out,
but we are no longer victims of our thoughts about it.
Instead we learn that miracles are natural and normal 
and our Awakening is 
gentle, quantum, joyful and guaranteed in time.
I'd love to support you in discovering this for yourself, if you happen to feel the call.
I love mentoring Course students,
as well as those who don't yet realize that they might be Course students.
I am adaptable and able to work with all kinds of different languaging,
foundations, attachments, fears, situations and orientations.
Let me know if you feel the inner urge to explore together,
or even just to use me as a small stepping stone along your way.
Easily facilitated in-person or through virtual means.
 See Jewel as a Special Guest on 'Miracle Mondays'
recorded April 2024 .  Thanks for inviting me Stefanie Finn!
Jewel on Miracle Mondays - Youtube link
​I also have a new Youtube channel
 with a simple reading of the daily ACIM Lessons
 ACIM Zoom Group & Gatherings 

Here's what happens when we choose to bless instead of condemn our brothers and sisters...
"The miracle does nothing.  All it does is undo.  And thus it cancels out what has been done.  It does not add, but merely takes away.  And what it takes away is long since gone, but being kept in memory appears to have immediate effects.  This world was over long ago... The miracle but shows the past is gone and what has truly gone has no effects."
"This is the shift that true forgiveness brings.  What was projected out is seen within, and there forgiveness lets it disappear."
"In the holy instant nothing happens that has not always been.  Only the veil that has been drawn across reality is lifted.  Nothing has changed. Yet the awareness of changelessness comes swiftly as the veil of time is pushed aside."
"Miracles are both beginnings and endings, and so they alter the temporal order.  They are always affirmations of rebirth, which seem to go back but really go forward.  They undo the past in the present, and thus release the future."
"The miracle minimizes the need for time.  In the longitudinal or horizontal plane, the recognition of the equality of the members of the Sonship appears to involve almost endless time.  However, the miracle entails a sudden shift from horizontal to vertical perception.  This introduces an interval from which the giver and receiver both emerge farther along in time than they would otherwise have been." 
"The miracle thus has the unique property of abolishing time to the extend that it renders the interval of time it spans unnecessary.  There is no relationship between the time a miracle takes and the time it covers." 
"The miracle substitutes for learning that might have taken thousands of years.  It does so by the underlying recognition of perfect equality of giver and receiver on which the miracle rests.  The miracle shortens time by collapsing it, thus eliminating certain intervals within it.  It does this, however, within the larger temporal sequence."
"Each day and every minute of each day, and every instant that each minute holds, you but relieve the single instant when the time of terror took the place of love."
"Miracles fall like drops of healing rain on a dry and dusty world where sad and lonely creatures come to die."
"Heaven is not a place nor a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect Oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else; nothing outside this Oneness, and nothing else within."

more info on 'A Course in Miracles' here

Tuesday Evening Weekly Study Group, Drop-in on Zoom,
Every Tuesday, 7- 8.30 pm pacific time
By donation according to your inner Guidance
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