A Course in Miracles Mentoring

I've had a rapport with Course teachings for a long time. 
Beginning in 1968, when I was 10,
spontaneous mystical journeys occurred on a regular basis,
 giving me courage, faith and wisdom not of this world.
I was guided by an infinitely kind, all-encompassing, loving inner Presence 
who taught and inspired me all through my life, whenever I needed help. 
In 1996, to my surprise, especially because I was a Buddhist,
I recognized the identity of my primary inner Teacher.
This initiated a transcendent period of deep healing, surrender,
quantum thought, trust, universal blessings and purification
in the loving inner light of Oneness. 
In 2005, I discovered that the psycho-spiritual teachings
I'd been practicing, were also found, in much greater beauty and detail, 
 inside that blue Shakespearean ACIM book I'd been avoiding.
 I was accustomed to greater simplicity, so at first I wondered why 
the Course was so thick with heavy religious-sounding words?
It took awhile to really appreciate the power of their pure non-dual meanings  
rather than the dualistic definitions I'd ascribed to them.
By 2008, I was a Course in Miracles mentor, weekly study group leader 
and soon after, community radio host and retreat facilitator.
With each passing year, I am more deeply peaceful and clear.
For me, ACIM is a brilliant metaphysical masterpiece. 
Often compared with the mystical teachings of pure Advaita Vedanta,
 ACIM adds a psychological, holographic, quantum 'forgiveness' practice 
 that affects everything I see and think and say and do.
Combined with deep embodied awareness,
cultivated through joining with my inner Wisdom and resting my mind's eye
deep within the vertical axis of my body-mind
in the vast luminous fullness found behind all of our perception;
'Quantum forgiveness' is why I am invariably calm, patient, tuned in,
trusting, inspired, good-natured and genuinely happy. 
Non-judgment, as an expression of our pure non-dual Oneness,
 is a direct experience not easily be put into words,
​but miracles are natural and awakening is certain; 
gentle, quantum, joyful and guaranteed in time.
More info on ACIM 'Oneness In Oneness' mentoring here
Style of mentoring is tailored according to individual Guidance, so fees/donations vary.

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