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A Course in Miracles
Pure Non-Duality
Self-Study, Groups, Retreats & Zoom


I began practicing 'A Course in Miracles' in 2005


after reading Gary Renard's ACIM primer, 'The Disappearance of the Universe'.

Both books are revelatory and confirmed the mysticism that I already experienced


 through following the Guidance of my inner Christ Teacher; 


however ACIM took it further.  It clarified and emphasized 


 a new, wholly-satisfying, metaphysical, psychological paradigm


that solved the paradoxical nature of planetary life


and the strange notion (to me) that an all-loving God would decide to invent a big bang,


creating contrast, death, pain, scarcity and the idea of opposites to Love.

Yes, it's an extremely popular belief, but the Buddhist in me never thought it made sense.

ACIM presents a revolutionary metaphysical paradigm of Absolute, or Pure non-duality,


where the 'void' is illusion and God did not create time, nor space,


nor individualized planets, nor bodies of any kind.

I, or collectively we, did, or rather seemed to,


in a single, angst-filled moment of imagined separation from our Source.


Without going into too much detail here,


everything we perceive in our dream of differences


is a holographic projection and illusion stemming from a mistaken perception of an imagined void,

while we actually remain in blissful perfect Oneness, "safe at home, dreaming of exile."

This explains why we seem to be looking out from bodies projected in the yin and yang of time,


while timelessness, Oneness and pure Presence remain our ground of Being.


It provides a rationale for why birth and death, beauty and ugliness, health and disease, and having and losing,


seem to exist as a metaphor for our painful imagined separation from the pure yumminess of Source.


It compassionately recognizes that we are ever-seeking and mesmerized by short-term substitutes for God/Home

~ while our Innocence washes our mistaken perceptions clean ~


even as we continue to struggle and fear that we are not worthy of Love,

punishing ourselves and others because, unconsciously, we think we've made a boo-boo;

it gently and gracefully helps us awaken to our divine, omniPresent, eternal,


incorruptible Identity as we were truly Created.

Using unconditional love, non-judgment and the uncompromising equality of forgiveness

~ recognizing that the world we perceive is a projection of the illusory content in our unconscious mind ~


'A Course in Miracles' offers a mystical, gentle and effective way to heal our collective delusion


and dissolve our misperceptions.

It provides vast inspiration and encouragement to help us return our divided mind


to the perfect singularity of Who and What we actually Are,

as Perfect Love.








Sunday Morning Gathering Drop-in on Zoom

MARCH 28, 10.30 AM

Inner Journey Home 🙏


"Undoing that darn ego ~ Diving Deep with the Lessons & Practices of ACIM"

Ongoing Tuesdays 7- 8.30 PM Pacific Time on Zoom Drop in.

by donation according to your inner Guidance

Email me for More info and Zoom Meeting number here

There are also some interviews out there on the web ...

For more information about ACIM & Mentoring with Jewel

ACIM  Retreats Overview

Remove the blocks to the Awareness of Love’s Presence through practicing

the pure non-dual spiritual psychology of A Course in Miracles.

Understand the pure non-dual Metaphysics of the Course and how

this healing paradigm differs from other mystical traditions.

Appreciate the enlightened Quantum Forgiveness teachings of Jesus.

Deepen your Inner Awareness in perfect, unchanging, endless, eternal Love,

your True Self in God.


A Course in Miracles is a psychological, spiritual and radical teaching in pure

non-duality that uses Quantum Forgiveness to undo our dualistic split mind, revealing our True Self, Perfect Love, as a direct experience,

transcending all time and space.

The Course guides us through a mystical journey of awakening to the awareness

of Love’s Presence, or Oneness with pure Spirit. The alchemy of awakening

occurs through joining our thoughts and perceptions with our Inner Teacher

and learning to trust.

I like to help people understand the METAPHYSICS of the Course, because one understood, the whole teaching is much easier to digest and unbelievably liberating.

A Course in Miracles - is an extremely practical path to healing and enlightenment, where our ego identity literally dissolves through our choosing to see only Innocence in the moment-to-moment gifting of our perceptions back to the perfect wholeness of Spirit. Our limitless original nature remains unchanged, forever perfect, immortal and One.



These short retreats are designed for new people, as well as seasoned

students who need a refresher.

Longer retreats and study groups are also on-going.  

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