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Non-Dual Body Mind Therapies

Esoteric Healing

From 1996 until 2003, concurrent with learning CranioSacral Therapy, 

I became a student and, later, faculty at a few professional healing/mystery schools specializing in

esoteric non-dual teachings. 

By cultivating conscious awareness within the subtle human energy fields,

chakras and vertical axis of the body-mind,

we learned to embody the highest love in the deepest depths of imaginary separation from love,

transforming our lives through transmutation of traumatic wounds and limited beliefs.

The modality was called; heart centered, soul directed advanced energy healing.

It was based somewhat on the theosophical teachings of Alice Bailey

and energy expertise of Barbara Ann Brennan, AlixSandra Parness, Dr. Robert Jaffe and others;

but for me, the experience was like a living library of Tibetan Buddhism, Christian mysticism, 

 Shamanic journeying, Sufi stations of the Heart and yogic Self-Realization paths,

all guided by the Greater Self within. 

These teachings helped me cultivate an ever-deepening surrender to, and reliance upon,

my inner Wisdom, my inner Teacher, my true Self.

I realized that the real Me/Us is pure Oneness-in-Oneness,

but until we have direct felt-sense experience of our infinite Beingness within,

these are only words.

My healing practice helps make the words accessible to all.

Private Sessions

Combined with advanced CranioSacral therapy

and naturally ever-present non-dual Awareness,

sessions are quiet, graceful, wholesome and respectful.

Healing through spiritual 'embodiment' is normal and, with practice, happens automatically.

While unconscious wounds may be defended by layers and eons of fear and doubt,

transformation is inevitable, sweet, always gentle and, to a large extent, easy.


Through aligning in our vertical axis and Heart, and learning to rest within both,

we begin to sense that we truly do belong to an

infinite supply of perfect Love,

from high above through deep below, and all throughout ourselves, and those we see,

we Are this Essence of pure Goodness/God-ness.

Everything we've ever done ...

every action and reaction ... every moment ... in every lifetime ...  

becomes alchemized and blessed in the Love/Wisdom/Oneness we truly Are.

This is true in micro and macro, little stories and big stories, within and without. 

There is nothing outside of it.

In 2005, I was able to broaden my understanding of why this is so, when I dove into

the psychological-spiritual metaphysical document, 

A Course in Miracles.

Combined with advanced CranioSacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release 

my sessions, whether in person or at a distance, mainly include:

  • deep resting in our pure Self

  • purification, alignment and transmutation of narratives and polarities

  • healing and integration of inner children, infants, teens, past lives, etc

  • brain and somatic tissue release and transformation

  • deepening of conscious awareness

  • increased intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc

  • opening and balancing chakras and energy fields

  • anchoring the alchemical Heart

  • inner mystical journeys

  • physical, emotional, mental, spiritual healing

  • inner masculine, inner feminine, divine marriage 

  • awareness and integration of sub-personalities

  • forgiveness, blessing and release of anxiety, depression, blame, shame, fear, judgment etc.

  • increased mystical awareness of Oneness and enhanced personal Guidance

I work with people of all ages and issues, including babies, teens and end-of-life.

I also love working with animals, especially dogs.


Sessions are effective both virtually and via hands-on facilitation.  

For further information please see my CranioSacral Therapy and/or my Sessions page.

If you are interested in  A Course in Miracles pure non-duality: check out ACIM Mentoring here

If interested in Space Clearing, or Retreats, please call 250.370.1380 to discuss.


Thank You 



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