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Julia Day~Jewel 
CAEH.T,  MMS,  CST-Diplomate


  • Upledger-certified advanced Diplomate CranioSacral Therapist 

  • Somato Emotional Release Facilitator

  • Esoteric Advanced Energy Healer & certified Teacher

  • A Course In Miracles mentor & ordained minister

  • in full-time professional practice since 1998 

What is 'Embodiment' ?

'Embodiment' means learning to rest our Awareness in this quiet inner center, deep within, timeless and whole, anchored vertically through all worlds, all dreams, as the grounded Presence of Pure Love, the Heart of Oneness.  It means knowing ourselves entirely as Spirit while we still seemingly walk in the world...

'Embodied' Mind Heart Wholeness and Oneness through private sessions, retreats, study groups, meditation & long distance. 


Victoria BC Canada


Information about me is scattered all through this site.


You can also surf a little webpage 

Youtube also has some interviews and guest appearances.  

Here's a recent one from April 2024, in context with 'A Course in Miracles'.




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