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Advanced CranioSacral Therapy
Somato-Emotional Release

What's it like deep inside the body mind?

What does my brain and body feel like from the inside out?

How can i describe the saturation and illumination of my inner worlds?

We are stillness, not stuckness

we are waves, not particles

we are safe

and Life is OmniPresent, boundless, inexhaustible.

We are That.

CranioSacral opens the core of this thing called body/mind,

the center where Love is known

as the world outside us temporarily disappears.

The first time a chiropractor touched me this way, for only a few moments in 1991,

I reverted back to being an infant,

all soft, luminous and aware.

I wondered what the man had done, with my head simply resting in his gentle neutral hands?


When I experienced my first longer session 

I had so many huge Aha's, I came away awestruck, gob-smacked ! 

The biggest realization was the recognition of Oneness, that nothing was separate from anything else and

I was the common Presence in all of it.


 I also experienced myself as bright light, fluid, boundless and familiar.

And, I discovered myself dialoguing with a child I had lost through an abortion in my late teens.

We spoke at length and I set him free with gratitude and deep appreciation, 

hugging him and my 19 year old self, integrating the illusion of our separateness

and releasing the guilt I had carried for so long in my psyche and cells.

That first craniosacral journey,  in Feb 1996, fundamentally changed my life forever,

yet it was just the tiniest beginning.

CranioSacral Therapy

... describes the ebb and flow of tidal waves within a semi-hydraulic self-aware system 

called cerebral-spinal fluid

produced in the ventricles of the brain,

rich in nutrients and intelligence

designed to cleanse and illuminate 

our entire brain and central nervous system.

From here all other systems of the body/mind are nourished and re-charged as well.

The therapy is extremely gentle yet powerful.

It is like a magic key unlocking access to every part of us whose call for Love and belonging has gone unanswered.

Since 1997, I have studied to advanced levels in this field through The Upledger Institute

who offer hundreds of courses all over the world.

Cranial Sacral Therapy dovetails perfectly with 'Embodiment' practice

as it soothes, revitalizes and recalibrates our entire central nervous system,

deep in our core, by blending with the tissues & cerebral-spinal fluid that

flow through the center of our being. 


Somato Emotional Release occurs when 'energy cysts' or matrixes,

containing stored emotional & mental content, gently and gracefully release

after years, decades, and lifetimes, of restriction and unconscious fear. 

Sometimes this occurs in silence and other times via therapeutic dialogue, but the release is always tissue-based, in addition to transforming through emotional, 

mental, astral and spiritual fields of the body/mind.


Cranial Sacral Therapy is highly effective for:

  • chronic pain, migraines 

  • learning disabilities, autism

  • shock, post-traumatic stress 

  • birth, dental, physical & emotional trauma

  • anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue

  • Infants, toddlers, failure to thrive, colic

  •  ear & sinus infections

  •  learning disabilities

  • end-of-life, dementia 

  • vertigo, tinnitus, TMJ

  • restricted fascial membranes

  • endocrine problems

  • motor vehicle accidents

  • asthma, auto-immune, arthritis 

  • neurological disorders, scoliosis

  • brain & spinal injuries, concussions

  • insomnia, toxicity, seizure disorders

  •  conflicted mental & emotional states

         ..... & more

CranioSacral Therapy  encourages all systems in the body/mind/spirit

to soften, rebalance, detoxify and expand in increased mobility,

conscious awareness, health and well being.


As a Diplomate-certified CranioSacral therapist 

** still, the only diplomate-certified therapist in BC as of January 2024 **

I have completed the most advanced levels of training offered in CST/SER curriculum

through the Upledger Institute, where I am also a certified Teaching Assistant,

ShareCare provider & Study Group leader for Upledger alumni.


I also teach 1-day Introductions to CranioSacral/Somato-Release 

designed for both health professionals and lay-people.  


Next Intro will be SUNDAY APRIL 7, 2024



I am so grateful for the extraordinary experiences shared with my colleagues,

as well as with my clients, every time anyone gets on the table !

Multi-Hands CranioSacral Intensives, Somato Emotional Release                                                                                                                                   Advanced 1 Multi-Hands Intensive, 2001

                          with Chas Perry, PHD, CST.D                                                                                                                                                         2 massage tables, 10 therapists, 3 assistants, 1 instructor


   8 advanced therapists, 2 teaching assistants & 1 instructor                                                                                                                                           "how therapists become Therapists"

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