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Love in Love and only Love ..

Welcome to my new website!  


I have put this together because I can no longer access my old website to update it. The information there is more than 5 years old!

If you're interested in 2015 please visit www.OnenessInOneness.org

I also have a small webpage which is current, though not as extensive.  www.iahp.com/julia--day

I am enjoying creating this new site, and excited to finally have

a venue to advertise upcoming Retreats and Events in CranioSacral Therapy, Esoteric Healing/Embodiment, and The Metaphysics of

Pure Non-Duality (ACIM).

Thank you for your patience while I get up to speed.

With love and gratitude,



Julia Day


Diplomate-certified CranioSacral Therapy

Somato-Emotional Release

Non-dual Body Mind Therapies

Esoteric/Advanced Energy Healing

Oneness in Oneness Education



Victoria, BC Canada

NEW ADDRESS provided at time of booking

I love taking photographs, so I've included my Instagram feed for desktop viewers. All the images used on this website were taken by me, except for two.