Love in Love and only Love ..

I will see clients on site again beginning June 1st. 

Please  familiarize yourself with these new protocols

Secondary Sideline Skills

I enjoy energetically clearing people's

homes prior to selling, moving in, or when there 

is lingering energetic debris ...

and I am an inspired public speaker, meditation facilitator and a dog whisperer too, woof !

Welcome to my new website!  

have put this new site together because I can no longer access

my old website to update it. The information there is more than

5 years old!

CURRENT NEWS: March until end of May 2020


I am offering Distance Body Mind Healing sessions only, until June 1st when I will reopen my office. The CranioSacral system is positively affected through the etheric medium.  Some clients say that they prefer distance sessions and intend to continue with them exclusively, at least through-out these Covid times.

Sessions are very similar to a hands-on experience, including: 

* deep, grounded resting in inner peace

* cultivating the Witness state of being 

* increased clairsentience, intuition, inner guidance, alchemy

* gentle clearing of limiting thought-forms & emotions

* nervous system & whole body/mind detox, rebalancing 

* embodiment through mind watching & energy anatomy

* awakening to higher consciousness through non-dual awareness 

* mentoring: craniosacral, esoteric healing &/or acim paradigms


Available via Skype, Zoom, FB Messenger or FaceTime. 

New Covid protocols for on-site visits are extensive. 

I am preparing now for reopening on June 1st.

Thanks for your patience and blessings to all.


With love and gratitude,



Julia Day


Diplomate-certified CranioSacral Therapy

Somato-Emotional Release

Non-dual Body Mind Therapies 

Esoteric, Embodiment & Advanced Energy Healing

Oneness in Oneness (ACIM) Mentoring

All these Modalities: Groups & Retreats



Victoria, BC Canada

I love taking photographs, so I've included my Instagram feed for desktop viewers. All the images used on this website were taken by me, except for two.

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